Your Investment

Your Investment

Investment is a very serious word to me. These days most people use it casually to mean “price” or “cost”. But those two simple words have no returns promised in them. The term investment, quite on the contrary, has a promise of returns, often many times over, embedded in it.

Like any other element of marketing, ensuring the quality of copy you use for your business is an important investment in your success. You gotta pay the price, as they say. And surely, we get what we pay for.

Here is a list for the services I offer and the usual price range for professional copywriters like myself.

If there is a type of copy you are interested in but do not see on the list, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

In most cases I am able to extend myself to help my clients with all of their copy needs, ensuring a strong, consistent voice. Once again, the price range provided here is only the standard market rate for professional copywriters.

But, each project is unique and the price quoted varies accordingly.


Service Description

Estimate Investment

Long Copy Sales Letter


Direct-mail package, lead generation


Direct-mail package — mail order


Fund raising package — acquisition


Telemarketing Script


Renewal series


Blanket renewal insert








Article or Advertorial


Press Release (1-2 pages)


Website — home page


Website — other pages


Email, short copy


Email, long copy


Email Autoresponders (Series)


E-zine ad


Landing page




Site Audits


Blog Post (depending on length)


PPC Ads with Keyword Research


Social Media set-up


Social Media post and monitor/manage feeds (1-2 hours/day, 5 days a week)


Copy critique


Marketing Strategy and Planning


Case Study


White Paper



This, as I mentioned earlier, is an estimate only.

Looking at your specific need, I adjust and decide the final price. I’m sure you know very well that a well-developed piece of writing needs hours of persistent hard work and most often, the value it fetches you, justifies itself and the hard work behind it.

A well-written piece has more permanence or longevity in the market. Good written words are the investment that will pay off with exponential returns.