PFWaterworks –

A company that makes water conservation products is launching their educational wing shortly. They needed a curriculum developer who was also an avid water conserver. The entire curriculum consists of a colorful book sharing information, a set of games and hands on activities, posters and readers theaters. I am now developing their web content for both the business and the educational site, making video games and maintaining their social media presence through Facebook page. I am now their retainer for their web presence.

GuessMeTees T-shirt company –

This is a startup company that needed some assistance with their website content and first blog. I also provided them with tips and goals for Facebook marketing. I continue to be their go-to person when they need to develop more copy.

Du-Kool Magazine’s Environment Column –

I wrote for this international bilingual magazine (no longer in business) in both languages (Bengali and English). My column, called Carbon Karma, was carried for about 7 episodes. Written in lucid language, I talked about the “green” lifestyles and their advantages.

Mila Sengupta, Educator –

I am currently improving an existing flyer for her upcoming business in providing teacher trainings to different independent school districts in Texas. Right now, all she has is the flyer. She was very thankful when I advised her on having a website, a distinct online presence through LinkedIn and Facebook. I look forward to a continued work relationship with her, helping her business grow.

Times of India —

I am a contributor for the Bengali edition of Times of India, the largest daily newspaper in India. I write on a variety of environmental topics.

Ananda Publishers –

Ananda happens to be the largest Bengali publisher in the world. They have published four of my children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Ganga Narayan Ghosh, Social Activist, Writer – 

I am ghost writing a book on India’s leviathan-like waste management and its impact on the health of the public. Waste management has been a major environmental problem for India and its ramifications are huge.

Environment Educator –

For the last 8 years, I have been engaged in educating children and adults about the environment through summer camp classes at home and at rented facilities. I have done a couple of children’s parties where the story and game sessions were the fun ways of learning about the impact of humans on the earth. As a public school teacher, I ran a Green Club for children. The Green Club members wrote in their inimitable way to former Vice President Al Gore following his winning the Nobel Prize, President Obama for his sustainable initiatives and to Michelle Obama for her championship of the White House organic garden and healthy eating. It was great receiving happy and excited responses from all of them. Running a recycling program and setting up large bins for the community in the school grounds was a very rewarding experience. Even today, as I drive by my old school, those bins are the happy reminders of yesteryears.
As a volunteer school tour guide at the Houston Arboretum, my duty was to explain many of the nature’s processes in simple language. Talking about ways our behavior hurt or helped the animal was always interesting to me. It is very easy to show the children how we are connected to nature. Their wise conclusions gave me hope at the end of every tour.
Storyteller – Does that even count as experience? Believe me, it does, especially if someone has been invited or has been a long-term appointed story teller volunteer in an exemplary elementary school. I not only write, I live the stories, I walk the stories while I am telling them. I act out the passion in the characters; I cry and laugh with their moments. The best part of my story telling is that I have a story for every moment, for every emotion, for every walk of life. As an educator, I have started my difficult math lessons with stories they can relate to, stories that had situations for mathematics. I had stories for science, social studies and even art. The purpose behind all my story telling is to pass the core message through. That’s how I have learned a lot in life, through stories that have been passed down to me, and that’s how I connect my speaking to others with a poignant story that draws the big picture in the minds of the reader. Story telling has segued into directing plays and musicals for children for many years – a happy adventure I have now imbued with the message of sustainability.
World traveler – I have been fortunate to be able to observe many cultures through my traveling experience. Learning to appreciate the differences and to see the universal parity amongst people has taught me to adjust like a chameleon and blend in every culture. This has made me a global citizen, a quality that no university course could ever teach me.
The chameleon analogy – Funny that even Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA test sees me as a chameleon, someone who can simply relate and blend in with a group. This helps me to understand people, their thinking and beliefs. I can step into their shoes and look at the world from their angle – a very good tool to get the prospects to resonate with my writing.
I have an M. Phil. Degree from Delhi University, India, which is a pre-Ph.D research fellowship program. Besides that I have two Masters degrees in Political Science and International Relations from Jadavpur University and Ranchi University in India. Fascinated by journalism, I earned a certification for journalistic writing from a nationalized college of communication in India.
Immigrating to the USA about 15 years ago, I joined the public school system after earning my teacher certification from the State Board of Education. As an elementary science teacher, I have been thoroughly trained by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Lower Colorado River Authority to appreciate the fragile nature of natural resources and the challenge of limited resources in today’s world.