Is It Worth Hiring a Copywriter?

The burning question that you must be having in your mind is whether it is worth hiring a good copywriter for any of your business needs. What deal are you snatching up in a moment by hiring one that someone else is not offering?

Good question.


Businesses these days are a mixed bag of perfect dynamics between team members, planning, executing and reaching out to new and existing customers. And success depends on the quality of that fine concoction.

In this scenario, look for someone who has a unique proposition for you!

Not to forget the universal wisdom of economics that all you would be happy with is enough traffic your way that convert and finally settle on a deal. Even better if they remain as loyal clients forever, lapping up all the great things you offer.

And all this, while you have time for yourself to make life worthwhile, time to join your family at dinner every evening, time to play with your children or friends, time to pray and reflect if you choose.

What if an ideal copywriter did just that for you – taking a little bit off of your workload, nudging it in the right direction while you live that zero-worry life, with good money flow and quality social or personal time?

If stress has gotten in the way somewhere, it’s just the right moment to hire the services to reduce it for you, to create a fine tapestry of your business image that will bring you the life you have always wanted.

Now, even the perfect copywriter cannot guarantee the future like the rising and setting of the sun. Especially about a huge inflow of profit in your coffers.

A copywriter is expected, for the right reasons, to be a highly trained copywriter, someone who can promise to plug the holes in your business that a misused word or an unused word may have created.

This, I guarantee, will add value to your business, value to your life, and a zest to your spirit. Not just in terms of ROI but in a very holistic way, filling the core desire within many human beings on this planet, changing outlook, changing relationships and improving the quality of life itself.

How do I, or for that matter any good copywriter, do this? You have probably guessed it by now. The raw material of our work is words. Words and words alone. Unbelievable, right?

Words are the tools too. A copywriter will use words to meet your business needs. Like a fine professional wordsmith committed to the job of healing your business from word-maladies and helping it fly to its well-deserved profitable destination.

Or you could say we are gifted with the word-wand to magically uplift your copy to the great realms of success. No pixie dust, no wishful thinking. It’s a skill we are deft at.

The three legs of your business tripod, as we agreed earlier, are traffic flow to your website, converting the traffic and then making the sales, all in a smooth, spiraling balance. It’s the center of gravity of that tripod, bringing about that subtle balance in this modern era of business is the power of words.

Any top class copywriter has always been able to choose the words and the emotions carefully. That is the mantra. The mantra that helps to lead the clients by their hand.

Gently, and sometimes with a pinch of ruthless urgency, we copywriters alter the words that matter, the style they are delivered and the emotions they evoke in the minds of your potential clients. we can feel the pulse of your clients. We can get under their skin and breathe with them. We soon learn how they think and decide.

Right at the onset, I must admit, that copywriters are not a do-it-all writer, meaning they do not write all kinds of copy with equal flair. Nobody does. It will be pure falsity to claim such an impossible feat. But each has their favorites they’re good at.

Some are specialists, honing their skills on web content, direct response sales letters where word counts are not typically restricted, white pages and other researched articles, newsletters, blog pieces and social media management.

However, once they get going with you, they usually are able to assist in ways to address every aspect of the written word and to heal every word-malady that needs fixing.

The safest bet is to look for copywriters who have been trained by the American Writers & Artists Inc., the stalwart amongst the copywriting organizations in the world. Widely recognized in the direct response industry for their premier copywriting courses for persuasive writing, AWAI has its group of copywriting gurus like Steve Slaunwhite, Katie Yeakle, Bob Bly, Ed Gandia, Joshua Boswell, Nick Usborne, Will Newman and of course Clayton Makepeace amongst many showers their tips and suggestions in every way.

Honestly, there is no limit to growth.

Having said that, there’s something copywriters learn to do well over the years. They become experts in grasping complex processes and ideas and write about them in such a simple way that even a 12-year-old would understand.

If you talk about your unique product loud and clear, and with dignity, the whole world begins to see that, eye to eye in peaceful harmony with your views. You win the trust of your prospects. They trust you only when they know your product, know your philosophy and credibility that drives you. That’s where a great copywriter can help you.

Many sincere businesses have failed in the past. Not because they had a poor product. They failed simply because their web presence was not strong enough. They did things wrong. I wish they had great copywriters with them to help them weed through their weak links that dragged them down.

Hope you find the best copywriters who move mountains and turn all stones to give your the rights to brag about your being special.


It’s Hard to Fool a Curious Researcher

Yes, it is hard. I have tried to be one all my life.

Believe me, it was hard back then, when I was a teenager. I had to depend on the availability of authentic books and the very “knowledgeable” people.

I know that kind of betrays my age, and I don’t mind admitting I am old. In those days there was no internet, no smart phone, no GPS. If we had to go anywhere, we had to buy paper maps and go places with our index finger flicking through travel guides. Camera, map, books – whoa, we looked quite occupied and awkward. But it helped.

My mom was even better. She’d prepare and learn up well in advance. If a local tea-boy-turned-tour guide gave false information about the Moghul  emperors as we treaded their castle in gentle steps, she could catch the disconnect and teach them a thing or two.

Now with Google, Ask, Yahoo Finance,, Nielsen Reports, it’s easy as 1-2-3 to conduct a research about anything. Scholar Google is even more authentic. Wikipedia is getting harder and harder for any layman to edit. When in doubt with Wikipedia, you can dig into their citations and check for credibility. Public libraries are a storehouse of wonder. They have an incredible amount of information database in their online browsing systems these days.

And to think that I can do all of this without even walking out my door.

When my friend excitedly called me after her trip to South Africa saying they could actually see the Bermuda Triangle from the southern tip, I, for sure raised an eyebrow.

Seeing Bermuda Triangle from the Cape of Good Hope? Really? “Yes, that’s what our tour guide said. He must be right.”

Before she had finished her sentence, the Bermuda Triangle spread across my screen on Google maps. No way could they see the infamous triangle from thousands of miles away. It was a sensational “white lie” that the tour guide used to fool hundreds of tourists through his career.

My past careers as a feature writer and journalist, and thereafter teaching for several years, digging for the right information has seeped into my double helix, the interior mechanics of my genes.

And now as an environment crusader, research is my primary tool to substantiate my views. This validation keeps the listeners from assuming that I am simply imposing my opinion on them.

I keep scouting for new eco-friendly products in the market and give shout-outs for all of those that impress me. There is a certain kind of joy in this learning, a certain confidence in digging and finding information treasure. With falsity, with vagueness, we cannot impress for long.

In my specific writing niche of the eco-friendly product market and the green-energy services like solar and wind power, research is the trident that gives credibility, accountability, and motivation to surge forward. It gives viability to the customers to opt for it. They feel good about the fact that they know what they are going for. It gives a sound launching pad to my clients to reach out to prospects.

So, research has my honor as my best friend, an unfailing aide that takes me forward to success. It guarantees a win-win for all.

Wishing you success in your business.

Infecting Everyone With the “Green Buzz” of the Times

“Act now, before it is too late,” said Chewang Norphel, the famous hydrologist with a heart, the civil engineer from Ladakh who motivated local villagers to join him to make a glacier.

Yes, you read it right. He did “make” a glacier. Chewang Norphel is the pioneer among environmental engineers who have done terrific things to save the world from the brink of disaster time and again.

He thought of making glaciers at the moment in history when glaciers those ice fields are melting at the fastest rate, thanks to all the global warming caused by our never-before rates of burning fossil fuel.

For all of you who are pumping your dollars and your energy into a business that helps the goal of sustainability, and the goal of offsetting our carbon footprint know this all too well. You have experienced first hand that most of us are defensive when it comes to changing our ways of living.

Change scares us. Status quo is comforting, easier on the body and mind. Change brings in uncertainties. But in spite of that, leaders have said and done the right things in the right measure at precisely the right time to bring about that desired change.

That is exactly I am striving to do. Every passing day, I use my resources to train myself, to talk to people, to write with passion with the purpose to change minds. The world of alternative energy — solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectricity, tidal power all open up great possibilities to alter the oil and gas industry. History is about to be rewritten, green energy sector is showing a tremendous growth spurt.

It’s time for you to jump into honing the different avenues for alternative fuels. I look forward to working with you to ensure a huge proliferation of your business. When research is married to the emotional appeal of things, the world has a big chance of surviving the crisis around the corner.


Talk to People, Not at People

You know that feeling when the doorbell rings in an early evening hour when you’re not expecting anybody. You wonder who it is as you reluctantly amble to the door, take a peek by the Venetian windows and see a young man in company attire waiting with his attitude betrayed on his face.

These days of summer has those window replacement companies scouting for customers on every possible neighborhood. The Houston summer sun is so unkind, that it makes great business sense to send out these happy deals to the prospects.

I almost moaned when I saw him. And that’s very normal, too, you’d say.

But when I opened the door, mainly to tell him through the storm door that I had no time to spare that evening, I almost stood transfixed. For the first time a smile from a salesman struck me deep. This young man smiled right from his soul as he introduced himself.

Within seconds, of course, as you may have imagined, I was out there talking to him with all enthusiasm and exchanging information.

Did I have the time for it? No. How come I managed to steal those minutes? His vivacious smile? His enthusiasm? Maybe.

As he was preparing to go to the next house, I thanked him. He was my son’s age and so I felt no embarrassment telling him that he was the best salesman I had ever seen. He smiles his smile again and said, “I like to talk to people, not at people.”

That is the key! That is the mantra. In every sales strategy, in every situation that needs to show how much your care, it’s the “talking to” that works. The “talking at” is the cold shower of words that make the listener feel like a stranger with woody limbs.

That “talking to” is my mantra. I look forward to knowing what my client’s prospects are thinking, what they are afraid of, and what they dream. And then I talk to them. Eyes contact, smiles come on, the music begins in the head.


I, then, bond and share my story.

It comes naturally, like a gushing spring, a story for every situation, a story about people like you and me, our lives and emotions. Passionate stories that give hope and enthusiasm. Stories of faith and compassion. A hero’s journey through troubles, little and more.

The hero is not a character without a name. The story is not without its twists. They were real-life people like ourselves going through the twists and turns of life.

Before we know it, we bond, I whisper into their subconscious.

And in true style, I leave them asking for more.

Open for Feedback 24/7/365

I started out as a dunce, in life.


“Not fit for class” was what my first-grade teacher wrote on the progress report. My parents preserved it with care, to show me when I would grow up to be successful.

It took many decades.

And I did not become a Thomas Alva Edison who was labeled “addledAn”. Far from it. My own light bulb is still flickering.

But my life did mark some improvement from where I was back then in first grade.

Duh, of course, you’d say I’ve grown.

Do you know how, though?

I simply learned to put one step in front of the other, no matter how low I felt. And learned from that experience of putting my feet in the right direction.

Simply one foot ahead of the other. I kept learning, I kept pushing. I knew the door would open. Someday.

The right door. Wherever it was.

This continuous learning like a child opened up a growth curve for me. So said my mother.

Learning was not just from books or videos. I learn from feedback. All kinds of feedback, really. Even from smirks, I learn something.

Feedback is the good word for criticism in many cases. I take it in, even when my innards hurt, my eyes sting, I take it in like a bitter pill.

And like all bitter pills, it does the job of healing me. I emerge from that low point, healthy and strong.

So, the bottom line – if you have anything to say to me about my work, my umpteenth draft, my inept, tactless comment, please do not hesitate to point it out in your best possible style, and you’ll know for sure that I have heard you sincerely and I have thanked you for doing what you just did.

It marked my growth to a different level.


What Would You Prefer – Plain Vanilla or Aamer Ghol?

Plain Vanilla, please. In an exotic land where I’m trying to figure out the next turn on the map and next food I could chew on, it’s the simple and familiar I head for when I’m really hungry.

Aamer Ghol or whatever it is called could be yummier on my palate but, please, I’m not ready to take a chance. At least, not when I’m hungry.

I go for what I understand. I know, so do you. We have an built-in mechanism to select the familiar and reduce our risks. That’s exactly what my copy does. It boils down to the bottom, removing all the needless fluff.

I remember going to a brand new texmex restaurant in the plush areas of Gurgaon, India. And having never been to America or Mexico at that time, we thought this would be our cheap peek into that part of the world.

The décor was totally cowbow-style, like we’d entered a Texan barn or something, or so we thought. We were very impressed. The menu card had a price list that scared us completely. Everything was exorbitant. That impressed us even more. But we had no idea what those items were – tacos, enchiladas, tortillas, salsa and what not.

We boldly ordered a tortilla. Imagine, just one tortilla — for the whole family. That’s how ignorant we were. From the enormous price, we believed it to be like an extra large pizza of some kind loaded with cheese and all the good things on earth.

Guess what! Well, actually you’ve already guessed it. We came home a few hundred rupees poorer, started the stove and cooked some food to fill us up. Of course, we never went back there again.

That’s what happens when we don’t understand. We get impressed, we make wrong decisions. And then we are mighty disappointed.

Now, coming back to the first story, if someone were to explain that aamer ghol is nothing but their familiar favorite mango lassi, many would leap and go for that Aamer Ghol on the menu, their tongue dripping with saliva.

Saying it in plain terms, something that your customer will understand is an art. It’s also a skill.

Simplifying is all the more a need when difficult concepts have to be explained to your potential customer.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we prefer to understand everything that is told to us, that we are about to read. If it’s hard, we respectfully put it away. We’re impressed, but thank you, no more of that.

A cute example here. The other day I saw a whatsapp post from a friend about venturing into an aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum and steel under a constrained environment. I thought that was a really important research project.

I was impressed.

It was soon apparent that he was about “washing dishes”. Go back and read that again. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Aqua-thermal treatment is the hot water and soap scrub, and the rest of it are the dishes sitting in the constrained environment of the sink. Voila.

Now, coming to the business point, if your website sounds like that exotic science research, it’ll scare your prospects away. Or they may sign up for something they did not need and then discard your company altogether. Is that what you want?

I like writing without a jargon. Without a single difficult word. Something even a 12-year-old would understand. It’s a talent I was not aware of. Not until everyone started telling me that my explanations are as plain as vanilla icecream or even Mango lassi. And that I could even explain rocket science to elementary school kids.

Imagine what it can do to your business, if everything was as simple as ever. You’d definitely save up a substantial amount of “the continued progress of existence and events that conjure up the past, present and future as a whole”.

That’s the roundabout way of saying you’d save a good deal of time.

Simple, candid writing style may not clearly impress to make the readers admire you silently with a tinge of jealousy. But it surely helps to understand and to take decisions and to get things done.

My niche is the environment, specifically eco-friendly home goods and cleaners and “green” energy services. For most people, it is a tough area to understand. At least, it is a challenge to get people to sign up for these products that are typically more pricy than regular goods. I love that challenge. In the past several years, I have spoken at many places, written in many forums to explain how things work in nature and where we stand out in the middle of it. Many changed dramatically, some over time.

I feel humbled to think that it did the Earth some good.

Simple expressions are the mantra of the times. In the middle of all this complexity or technological contraptions and the digital age, the plain vanilla style stands out.

Bottomline – life’s challenges seems much easier when you understand most of the things you hear, read and learn. One can take more strides towards change when you what you’re signing up for.

At your business, your job gets done faster because you didn’t chew your fingers off figuring out any mystery. Then, you can afford to go out and jostle with a leathered sphere and tantalize the custodians of the netted citadel.

In plain words, you can now go play ball! While I handle your copies with care.