Supporting Your Mission of Sustainability

I’ll help you speak persuasively to your ideal customers to thrive and grow in the sustainability industry… I care for the “greening” business.

I’m all fired up when I see sustainability in business. It gives me hope about saving the world. And I always believe there is hope.

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If you’re looking for a way to free-up your time for things you’ve been wanting to do, besides joining your family at dinner, call me.


I have a unique proposition for you!

Not to forget Perry Marshall’s wisdom that all you need is enough traffic your way that converts and finally settles on a deal. Even better if they remain as loyal clients forever.

And all this, while you have time for yourself to pursue a passion and make life worthwhile, time to join your family at dinner every evening, time to play with your children or friends, time even to pray and reflect if you choose.

One of my current clients is a young man of 87. A man of vision and industry, giving his last drop of energy to the solution for the huge waste management problem in India. Here’s where my deep respect and my passion stepped up to take up his work load, to complete his book, to design his pamphlets, so that he could only sit back and advise me on the next path-of-action. That gives me the utmost satisfaction.

What if I did just that for you – taking a little bit off of your work load, nudging it in the right direction while you live that zero-worry life, with good money flow and quality social or personal time?

Are you interested in increasing your customer base but finding it difficult? Are you wondering how to get your important message across to the public without sounding like a sales pitch?

A professional copywriter like myself could help you do just that.

I put my best work on increasing the visibility and desirability of your company’s products by shaping your entire web presence. Believe me, that has a HUGE impact.

I carefully choose the words that matter in your industry and I work on the style in which they are delivered so they evoke desire in the minds of your potential customers – desire to purchase your products. I feel the pulse of your customers.

I feel the pulse of your customers. I get under their skin and breathe with them. I learn how they think and decide.

I understand your challenges

Companies selling eco-friendly products face at least two definite challenges.

Aware consumers have probing questions about environmental stewardship. They are ready to buy your products only if you can convince them of the positive environmental impact your product has.

On the other hand, most people are unaware of your products. They don’t know how your products are worth the cost and how they contribute to the good of the planet. This is your extended potential market.

I can enable you to communicate with both types of consumers so they feel deeply connected to your green mission and trust you as the green leader they want to follow, the “go-to-guy” customers can count on.

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Passionate about the environment


Balaka is extremely passionate about the environment and is a role model to everyone who, with little changes in lifestyle and behavior, can make an impact. Unique Strengths – Staying on Task, Focus on Detail.

Sanjay Ahuja (Current Client)
Marketing Director,
P.F. Waterworks
Houston TX


Walks the talk

Balaka is unique in many ways. She has a true green vision and walks what she talks. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows what can be realized in what time. She is very patient with people who do not know and loves to talk about environmental issues. She is focused on noble ideas rather than showing off. Balaka has a very loving heart and shows lots of true compassion for nature/ mother earth.

Marianne Gamble, Environmentalist,
Buda TX